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Maman Isis (rug)

Maman Isis (rug)

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What if Kuba textile weaver and artists visited the USA in the 40s and 50s?

The Colour Bocks collection mixes flat colours inspired by modern paintings and flashes of colour experienced growing up in Kinshasa, known for its lush past and colourful wax prints.

Material  100% Raphia from the Congo 

Measures 200 x 200 cm. 

Designed by Jess

Made to order with 3 months lead time 



Raphia (palm tree leaves from the Kasai region in the Congo)

Care Instructions

Fill a basin with cool water and a mild detergent. Place the fabric in the water and soak for a few minutes then swish in the water a few times. Any scrubbing must be very gentle and from the back side of the fabric. Rinse the fabric in cool water and pat with a clean towel or cloth to remove excess moisture.

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