We bridge the gap between craft and design: made in Africa advocate

KILUBUKILA ('Be Wise' in Kikongo) is a brand based in London and Kinshasa (DRC).

We bridge the gap between Congolese craft and design.

We create products with cultures and communities and build sustainable resilience to our collaborators and female artisans in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. 

Discover our modern Kuba Textiles made in the Congo

The project sponsored by the British and Craft Council is piloting a collaborative atelier between female artisans weavers and linguists to apply Mandombe, a pan-African langage as a pattern to modernise the Kuba textile. This collaborative network aim to bridge the gap between craftsmanship and design, between regional and international markets.

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Kilubukila Cultural Projects

“Kilubukila” is an injonction in Kikongo meaning “be wise”, this invitation is the spirit of our projects. 

In the Kongo-Bantû society the community self-determines the social, political, economic organisation and leadership. Being wise invites individuals to be bold, to free their creativity and always act and produce within looser sets of rules, always reshaping and maintaining those rules at the same time. 

We are a cultural project working on a collaboration and cultural network model to bring value to crafts, traditions and modernity and to build economic resilience to our partners and beneficiaries in the DRC. 

Kilubukila is currently curating 2 projects: Mandombe Script applied on Kuba textiles and Luyeye Wild honey. 

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