Luyeye Honey

“Luyeye Honey: Reconciling Forest Conservation with Food Production through Culture in DRC”


The best natural tropical wild honey in the world is made in the Congo. We are committed to transforming communities in rural DRC by building financial, personal and social resilience through trainings and the production and sales of honey locally and internationally. 

We create an export market for Congolese honey by removing obstacles that stand between smallholder farmers and a European market as well as a local regional market hungry for real and exciting source of nutrition from natural products. 

Our solution is to maximise the revenues to farmers by removing limitations to their capacity to farm still with the forrest and the biodiversity preservation and to build a network of small farmers stretching across the DRC.  

Our honey is raw, unpasteurised and gravity filtered from an area free from chemicals, pharmaceuticals compound and GMOS.